Vitae Researcher Futures: Making Your Mark (Manchester, June 3rd)

Excellent researchers understand that their work can change the world. How they go about and talk about their work can have a huge impact on how both their work and they are viewed. This course aims to help researchers make their mark. The course will draw on the current agendas of research impact demonstrated by the funding bodies and grant holders, but with specific focus on the individual and how they work. Through discussion and practical activities participants will consider both the impact of their research, and the impact they have in the research environment in which they work.

Specifically the course will explore how researchers can make more impact by:

  • how they work with others
  • how they communicate their research
  • how they  engage with those connected to their research
  • Explore the impact of their research by:
  • understanding the context of their research
  • considering the beneficiaries of their research
  • managing the implications of their research

This free course will be held in Manchester and is open to all research staff based at North West Universities.

For a programme of the day and to book your place, go to


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