Academia 2.0: challenges of impact, communication, and relevance

Programme: Academia 2.0 29-30 April, Manchester 

**This event is open for participation to all early career researchers in Humanities.

A regional event for Early Career Researchers in the Humanities sponsored by the British Academy and The Hallsworth Endowment at the University of Manchester

29-30 April 2014
Chancellor’s Hotel, Manchester

Early career researchers face a very different environment if compared to the one faced by more senior researchers at the early stages of their careers. The new set of issues include challenges with reaching and having an impact on society with academic research, as well as the new and changing ways of communicating research findings to a wider audience. One important change, which is the result of new policies amongst research bodies, is the question surrounding ‘relevance’. Each of these areas will be explored in this 2 day networking event.

A workshop on Pathways to Securing Policy Impact will be run by policy@manchester.

Keynote presentation:

Professor Luke Georghiou, Vice President for Research and Innovation at the University of Manchester


Jill Rubery, Professor of Comparative Employment Systems (Manchester)

Stephanie Barrientos, Professor of Globalisation and Development (Manchester)

Chris Hewson, Impact Coordinator for the School of Environment, Education, and Development (Manchester)

Martin Scott, Lecturer in Media and Development, School of International Development (University of East Anglia)

David Girling, Lecturer and Director of Research Communication, School of International Development (University of East Anglia)

Uma Kothari , Professor of Migration and Postcolonial Studies (Manchester)

Joanne Tippet, Lecturer in the Discipline of Planning and Landscape (Manchester)

Yaron Matras, Professor of Linguistics (Manchester)

George Brooke, Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis (Manchester)

Robert Ford, Lecturer in Politics (Manchester)

Helen Gunter, Professor of Education Policy (Manchester)

Spaces are limited. Please contact Gale Raj-Reichert at to participate. Please include your current position and university affiliation.

The event link is


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