British Council Researcher Links travel grants

About this opportunity

The British Council, working with the Higher Education International Unit, have opened a call for proposals for travel grants under the Researcher Links initiative, as part of the Researcher Links – Newton Fund, and separately as Researcher Links.

Researchers based in the UK and one of the partner countries may apply to spend up to 3-6 months (depends on the host country) in a research institution, either in the UK (if researcher is based in a partner country), or one of the partner countries (if researcher is based in the UK). For further information on the specifics of the call, please read the guidelines document (there is one set of guidelines for both Researcher Links – Newton Fund and Researcher Links partner countries).

Partner countries under Researcher Links – Newton Fund: Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam

Partner countries under Researcher Links: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea

Please note this is one call with two sets of eligible partner countries. Please use the same guidelines document and application form for both.

•Applicants must be based in the UK or one of the partner countries identified above. There is no restriction on nationality.
•Only one application can be made per person to/from either Researcher Links – Newton Fund, or Researcher Links partner countries. The same person cannot apply to/from both Researcher Links – Newton Fund and Researcher Links countries.
•In some partner countries this call is restricted to early career researchers, defined as having a PhD and up to 10 years post-doc experience. Consideration is given to those researchers with more than 10 years post-doc experience that have taken a career break. For specific details of who is eligible per country, please see the guidelines document.
•Applicants must have already been awarded a PhD, and PhD students are not eligible.
•A PhD is not a requirement to research in some fields, in these cases equivalent experience will be acceptable.
•Some partner countries may have priority areas of research, and in these cases applications will be restricted to researchers in these fields. Please check the guidelines document for country specific restrictions.

For more info and to apply, go to:


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