Guest Post: When it’s not just students who plagiarize (via Tenure, She Wrote)

A thoughtful blog post on plagiarism among academics.

Tenure, She Wrote

Today’s guest post is by Tenured but Disillusioned, an Associate Professor at a R1 Institution in North America.

All course instructors have academic integrity statements on their syllabi. Unfortunately, dealing with students who have plagiarized is one of the worst parts of teaching. But it’s not just students (usually undergraduates but occasionally graduates) who can—and do—plagiarize. Two colleagues plagiarized my work. One of them plagiarized twice. Although these events happened a number of years ago, I still have knots in my stomach just thinking about it.

“Bob” was an Assistant Professor a few years ahead of me on the tenure clock. He was good friends with the chair of our department. Bob and Chair applied for a large grant from a major funding agency. Their application garnered interest, but the reviewers wanted them to elaborate some aspects of their proposal. Because I was an expert in several of these areas…

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